Electronic Waste Disposal

Oregon E-Cycles, established by Oregon’s Electronics Recycling Law (ORS 459A.300-.365), is a statewide program that provides free recycling of all brands of computers, monitors and TVs.

Rogue Transfer & Recycling is an approved collector in the State program. The program is financed by electronics manufacturers and jointly implemented with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Anyone can bring in up to seven computers (desktops and laptops), monitors and TVs at a time for free recycling. While the State program does NOT provide free recycling of other e-waste such as keyboards, mice, speakers, printers, scanners or other types of electronics, with incentives from our processor, ECS Regenesys, there is currently no charge for these items.  This could change in the future.

Items accepted at no charge under the state program

  • Computer Monitors (CRT or Flat Panel-screen size 14″ or larger)
  • Computer Towers with or without Hard Drives
  • Televisions (includes wood consoles & projection TV’s)

Items Also accepted currently at no charge

*subject to change
  • Computer Peripherals (scanners, backups, power supplies, etc. )
  • Keyboards & Mouse
  • Large Copiers
  • Microwaves
  • Printers & Scanners (Desktop Size)
  • Printers & Scanners (Free Standing Size)
  • Stereo Systems (no wood speakers)
  • VCR or DVD Systems
  • Have electronic waste not listed? Call ECS Refining at 541-772-8023, it may be recyclable!
    **No AC units or vacuum cleaners please!

What Happens to my E-Waste?

Rogue Disposal and Recycling has partnered with ECS Refining, a Santa Clara California based processor of electronic scrap, to recycle obsolete electronics. Rogue Disposal and Recycling will be serviced by ECS’s new collection service center ECS Regenesys in Medford, Oregon.

With its automated, proprietary “Regenesys Process,” ECS has the ability to process 30,000 pounds of electronic products per hour. ECS guarantees environmentally safe recycling of computer products and the secure destruction of confidential data. ECS processes scrap electronics by shredding and separating the components, ferrous metals (steel), copper and precious metals, aluminum, and plastic. The steel and aluminum are recycled as the metals, the plastic is recycled as plastic, and the copper and precious metals are sampled, prepared, and packaged for shipment to a primary copper smelter.

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