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Curbside Collection & Recycling

Curbside Collection

Rogue Disposal & Recycling offers weekly curbside garbage pickup throughout our service area using automated trucks with robotic collection arms so the driver rarely leaves the truck—saving time, as well as reducing  the potential for injury.

Guided by the driver, a robotic arm picks up and dumps a special roll-cart. Roll-carts offer excellent balance, stability and maneuverability. Automated garbage collection is fast, efficient and easier for both you and the driver.

Using, Filling and Placing Your Roll Cart

A special roll cart is provided by Rogue Disposal & Recycling. These carts come in 35-, 65- and 95-gallon sizes, which are the equivalent of one, two, or three traditional cans. The cost of the roll cart is included as part of your regular rate. *Rates effective January 1, 2018.

Residential Rates
Roll Cart Size:Inside City LimitsOutside City Limits
35 Gallon Cart$19.44/Month$20.77/Month
65 Gallon Cart$32.59/Month$35.26/Month
95 Gallon Cart$45.74/Month$49.75/Month

We bill every other month for two months of service per billing cycle.

Fill your roll cart with everyday household trash. Simply flip back the hinged lid and toss in your garbage.

Since the cart is lifted and dumped using a robotic arm, everything must fit completely inside the container. Contents should be level to the top of the roll-cart when the lid is closed.

To prevent trash from sticking to the sides of the roll-cart (and to keep it clean), try bagging your waste in plastic bags.

Roll-Cart Placement
Occasionally, changes to your route can affect collection times. To  ensure collection, always have your cart at the street by 6:30 AM on your scheduled pickup day.

Place the roll cart against the curb with the wheels flush against the curb and the white arrows pointing toward the street.

If you do not have a curb, place the roll cart off the roadway, approximately 5 feet from the pavement.

Because a robotic arm is used to lift, empty and return the cart, please keep the roll cart at least 10 feet from vehicles and 5 feet from smaller objects like recycling bins and other roll carts.

Streets with bike lanes — please set the cart on the curb (not in the bike lane).

Rogue Disposal & Recycling Roll Cart Placement

Trash Only, Please

The roll cart is for normal household garbage only. Do not put hazardous waste, flammable items, large items, heavy items or recyclable items in the roll cart.

Due to the automated aspect of this service, everything must be able to fall freely from the roll-cart. Please don’t wedge anything large into your container that might prevent other items from properly emptying.

Additional Garbage

If you ever have extra trash , place it in a standard 33-gallon plastic bag and set it next to your roll-cart. Please note that there will be an additional cost of $4.86 (city) and $5.19 (county) for each additional bag of garbage. *Rates effective January 1, 2018

Small Quantities?

Not enough trash to warrant weekly service? Simply come by our office and buy a set of specially marked bags—5 for $47.85 or 10 for $66.07. Then as needed, place the full bag (30-pound maximum) at the curb on your neighborhood’s pickup day. There is no need to call ahead to schedule service. Please note, this service does not include curbside recycling.

Large Quantities?

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If you have questions please contact us or call us at 541-779-4161

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