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Trash Drop-Off

A Transfer Station is a solid waste drop-off facility that accepts household trash, old furniture, broken items and other things you want to get rid of. Rogue Transfer & Recycling is a state-of-the-art enclosed facility that offers a convenient and organized way for you to drop off waste items.

Photo Transfer Detail Trash Content

When you turn off Table Rock Road, follow the signs to the Pay Station. This is where your load will be measured and you will pay the attendant. Then it’s on to the Transfer Station building to unload your trash. Once you’re inside, you will be directed to back your vehicle into one of many unloading slots. Then empty your materials onto the floor, hop back in your vehicle and away you go.

Please note that our busiest times are from noon to 5 pm each day. To avoid the lines, try and plan your visit for the morning hours. For details on hours and directions, click here.