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Construction and Demolition Debris

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Construction and demolition materials must be free of asbestos.

All demolition debris coming to our Transfer Station for disposal MUST be accompanied with an Asbestos Clearance Certificate from a certified asbestos abatement company, certifying that your load does not contain asbestos. If your material does contain asbestos, click here for complete requirements.

The only exception to the certification paperwork is if the load you are disposing of consists of nothing but bare wood, bare metal, glass and/or household garbage. Failure to provide the necessary compliance paperwork will result in the load being refused.

Please note that customers with 10 yards or more of construction/demolition materials may be directed to the Dry Creek Landfill.

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has very specific rules regarding the handling and disposal of materials containing asbestos. Prior to any demolition activities, DEQ requires an asbestos survey be performed by an accredited inspector to determine if there is asbestos present in or on a structure.

Click here for Information on Safely Removing Fire Debris

See complete requirements, fact sheets for residential homeowners and building owners/operators.

See Requirements

Are you doing DIY home remodeling that may contain asbestos?

See Requirements

For small quantities of asbestos, you can find bags made for asbestos disposal at major home improvement stores. Click here for requirements on using the bags.

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