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Ever wonder what Rogue Disposal & Recycling does with all the leaves, grass clippings and yard debris we collect during the year? They become part of Rogue Compost! Made right here in the Rogue Valley, this home-grown compost is perfect for landscaping of all types. Depending on the compost, you can purchase it by the bag or in bulk. We can even create a custom mix to meet your specific requirements. It's good stuff for your garden — naturally!

Rogue Compost at a Glance

  • Made from Leaves, Grass Clippings and Yard Debris
  • Nutritious Home-Grown Compost
  • Natural Plant Food
  • Buy In Bags or In Bulk
  • Available at the Transfer Station

Rogue Compost Pricing

Material Type Bag Cost Bulk Cost
Rogue Fine Compost $3.99 $28 per yard
Rogue Medium Compost $25 per yard
Grower's Blend $45 per yard
Grower's Blend Extreme $110 per yard
Red Bark $20 per yard
Aged Forest Bark $20 per yard

User Guide

How to Buy Rogue Compost

Our products are available for purchase and pickup at the Rogue Transfer Station, where they are sold in bulk and bags. Find details about the Transfer station here. Bulk loads can be delivered but by appointment only. To schedule a time or for wholesale pricing, please call 541.301.1873.

Rogue Compost

Rogue Fine Compost
Premium fine compost that’s a great seed starter and top dressing for lawns. Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production. Used in gardens, vineyards and more.

Rogue Medium Compost
Designed to be tilled into the soil, not used as top dressing. Ideal for contractors where a little debris isn’t an issue, as it contains small bits of plastic and rocks. Mix into 6” of soil before laying sod or planting seed and you’re on your way to a healthy yard. Protects tree and shrub root zones too. Also works great mixed with existing soil to help break up clays.

Seasonal Products

Grower's Blend Potting Mix
A unique potting mix of fine OMRI-rated Rogue Compost, pumice, aged forest bark and other premium ingredients. Great for raised beds and worms love it, too! This is a seasonal product with limited supply due to popularity.

Grower's Blend Extreme
This top-of-the-line potting mix substitutes peat for aged bark. Just add water and watch your plants thrive throughout the growing season.

Buy Bulk Compost, Delivered

Ready to tackle a big landscaping project? Need Rogue Fine or Medium Compost in bulk? Give us a call and we can deliver it right to your site.

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