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Transfer Station

Your one-stop drop-off location for trash, recycling, yard debris and more.

Rogue Transfer and Recycling, located in White City, is where you can bring household and commercial trash, visit our expanded recycling depot and drop off your yard debris. It’s also where you can dispose of your properly packaged medical waste for safe handling and arrange to have your confidential documents shredded. Once each year in the spring, the Transfer Station is home to our Household Hazardous Waste drop-off event. You can even pay your Rogue Disposal & Recycling bill at our on-site customer service center.

Due to construction on Table Rock Road, you may experience traffic delays at and around the Transfer Station. Please plan accordingly, as your trip may take longer than expected. Thank you for understanding.

At Rogue Transfer and Recycling, safety comes first. Here you will find a detailed safety document that spells out the rules and regulations for high-traffic active operations areas — or Hot Zones — at the transfer station, with the goal of managing these areas in a safe and orderly manner.

Click here for our Hot Zone Safety Plan

Click here for information on safely removing fire debris.

Transfer Station Live Webcams

Pay Attendant Booth
Photo 2col webcam 01
Pay Attendant Booth
Transfer Station Entrance
Photo 2col webcam 02
Transfer Station Entrance

Transfer Station Location

8001 Table Rock Rd
White City, OR

Transfer Station Hours

Regular Hours:
Monday through Saturday from 7 am to 5 pm
Closed on Sunday

Best Hours:
Our busiest times are typically from noon to 5 pm each day. Click on the two live-feed web cams above to see what the line looks like right now. To avoid the lines, try and plan your visit for the morning hour.

Holiday Hours:
Closed at Noon: July 4th, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve
Closed All Day: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day

On-Site Customer Service Hours:
Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm
P: 541-779-4161

Compost Available for Pickup:
Monday through Friday 7 am to 3 pm
Saturday (April-July) 8am to 12pm

User Guide

Accepted Materials:
Find out what is accepted and not accepted at the Transfer Station by visiting the different materials information pages listed below or this helpful list.

Materials We Don't Accept

Your load size is based on an inside measurement of your truck or trailer:
(L’ x W ’x H’) / 27 = cubic yards*

Cubic Yard Definitions

You can pay using cash, check, debit card, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover).

*Rates are subject to change

Rate Card

Material Type Amount Price
Loose Material 1½ cubic yards or less $28.20 minimum
Loose Material Per cubic yard of additional material $18.80
Compacted Materials Per cubic yard of material $43.60
Compacted Naturals (Dirt/Rock/Sod) Per cubic yard of material $85.60
Concrete Per cubic yard of material $108.40
Yard Debris 1 cubic yard or less $11.40 minimum
Yard Debris Per cubic yard of additional material $11.40

Materials We Don't Accept

Here’s what NOT to bring to the Transfer Station:

Photo 2col transfer station no materials

Here’s How it Works

Load up your truck, van, trailer or car and come to the Transfer Station during regular business hours. Once on site, you’ll stop at the pay station to have your load measured, then you’ll pay the attendant and be directed to the Transfer Station facility to unload your trash.

If you’re bringing recyclables, just follow the signs to the Recycling Depot where you will sort your recyclables into clearly marked areas. Please note that some recyclables — such as antifreeze and fluorescent light tubes — require a fee for handling, which you can pay at the pay station.

And if you’re bringing yard debris, stop at the pay station to receive a ticket with a special access code to enter the yard debris drop-off area. It’s that easy!

Photo 2col transfer station howitworks 1100x800

Cubic Yard Measurement

Your load size is based on inside measurement of your truck or trailer:
(L' x W' x H')/27 = cubic yards

Photo 2col transfer station measurements

Buy Landscaping Material

Rogue Compost offers a variety of potting soils, mulch and bark. All products are available in bulk for delivery. Some products are available in bags, and some can be picked up in bulk at the Transfer Station. Here is our current product list:

  • Rogue Fine Compost
  • Rogue Medium Compost
  • Grower's Blend
  • Grower's Blend Extreme
  • Red Bark Mulch
  • Aged Forest Bark

Get Details

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Medical Waste Containers for Sale

Buy a container and when it’s full, return it to the Transfer Station — it’s the simple way to properly dispose of your medical waste.

Learn More

Photo 2col transfer station medical waste