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Contaminated Soil

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The proper disposal of contaminated soil

The Dry Creek Landfill is approved by the State of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to accept certain petroleum contaminated soils. The landfill can also accept contaminated soil from construction and demolition operations. Under certain circumstances, we can accept soil contaminated with asbestos for disposal. If there is contaminated soil with asbestos, we will determine if it can be accepted, and if so, whether it needs to be taken to the asbestos monofil or lined cell areas within the landfill. Please click here for more asbestos information. Please note that we cannot accept any hazardous or PCB-regulated materials. Materials with low-level PCB contamination may be acceptable. Call our Main Office at 541.779.4161 for more information.

Rules and regulations related to contaminated soil

Dry Creek Landfill can accept contaminated soil after it is approved and accepted for disposal. Generators must provide appropriate documentation describing the source and nature of the contamination. To determine if we can accept your material, please complete the application and submit for approval here. To download a step-by-step guide to setting up your special waste profile, click here. Once all the required documentation is submitted (including laboratory tests) we will evaluate your material and let you know if we can accept it for disposal. During this process, additional laboratory testing may be needed.

Mandatory Paperwork Required for Special Waste

Before you can bring special waste to Dry Creek Landfill, you must first have a credit application on file. You can then complete the account and material profile steps below.

Step 1

Before bringing any load to the landfill, you must have a DCL charge account

Download the application

Step 2

Create an account profile in our system (click here for a step-by-step guide)

Create an account

Step 3

For each new type of material, you must create a new special waste profile

Create a new profile

Step 4

For every special waste profile, receive approval before visiting the landfill

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Landfill specifics related to contaminated soil disposal

Contaminated soil is only accepted at the Dry Creek Landfill, and you must notify the landfill 24 hours in advance.

Dry Creek Landfill
5500 Highway 140
White City, Oregon
Hours: Monday - Friday, 7 am to 4:30 pm

For questions regarding contaminated soil disposal, call our Main Office at 541.779.4161
To schedule your appointment at the landfill, call 541.826.4949

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