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Commercial Dropbox Dumpster Rentals

If you find yourself needing to dispose of more material than your regularly scheduled trash service can handle, Rogue Disposal & Recycling offers a variety of drop box sizes and options — from temporary to permanent. These boxes are good for getting rid of unnecessary items when moving to a new location or when you just want to do a major cleaning.

Drop Box Rental at a Glance

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  • Ideal for Construction Sites, Demolition Material, Large Cleanups

  • Temporary or Permanent

  • Choose From Four Different Sizes

  • Different Boxes for Loose and Compacted Loads

  • Order Service Over the Phone, Online or at Our Office

Sizes and Service Rates

Cost includes delivery, removal, and one dump of the level-full bin. Arrangements and payment must be made one full working day in advance. The cost is based on the number of times we empty the drop box (rate per load) plus the number of days you have the drop box (rent per day). Add the two together based on your specific needs to approximate your total cost.

10 Yards - 7'6" x 16' x 2'3"

Rate Per Load Rate Per Day
Loose / Compact Permanent / Temporary
$347.23 / $581.92 $3.71 (1 year minimum) / $7.40 (less than 1 year)

20 Yards - 7'6" x 16' x 4'6"

Rate Per Load Rent Per Day
Loose / Compact Permanent / Temporary
$521.99 / $987.86 $4.64 (1 year minimum) / $9.24 (less than 1 year)

30 Yards - 8' x 20' x 5'5"

Rate Per Load Rent Per Day
Loose / Compact Permanent / Temporary
$696.29 / N/A $5.53 (1 year minimum) / $11.11 (less than 1 year)

40 Yards - 7'6" x 19'11" x 7'3"

Rate Per Load Rent Per Day
Loose / Compact Permanent / Temporary
$903.40 / N/A $5.53 (1 year minimum) / $11.11 (less than1 year)

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Getting Started Is Easy

We make the process of renting a dumpster as quick and easy as possible. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Fill out the online form or give us a call

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Step 2

We’ll give you an estimate and a time frame

Step 3

We’ll deliver the dumpster to your location

Step 4

If its a temporary dumpster, at the scheduled time, we’ll haul it away

User Guide

Service Types

Permanent Drop Boxes: Must be rented for 12 or more months. If the box is not kept for a full year or longer, rent will be retroactively charged at the higher temporary rate. Also, there is a minimum of one load emptied per month required in order to receive the lower rate. You must notify Rogue Disposal & Recycling at least one working day in advance for any change in service.

Temporary Drop Boxes: Temporary boxes must be paid for in advance, before delivery. You can order the box here. If you don’t have an approved credit application on file or have previously rented a box, you need to call us at 541.779. 4161 to pay in advance.

Load Types

Compacted Loads: Includes concrete, dirt, rock, sod, composition roofing (3-tab) and sheet rock.

10-yard compact boxes can be filled with broken concrete slabs, brick, plaster or sod from driveways, walkways, yards and curbs.

10-yard compact boxes can be filled up to 7 yards with dirt, rock, gravel or sand. Or they can be filled to 6 yards of these materials, filling the rest of the box with loose material. Please load dirt, rock, gravel or sand to the front of the box for easier lifting by our truck

10- or 20-yard compact boxes can be filled with composition roofing.

10- or 20-yard compact boxes can be filled with sheet rock. If you have some sheet rock on a basic demo — no more than 20% of the load — it can go in a loose box and be charged the loose box rate. But if the load is primarily sheet rock, it must be in a compact box and will be charged accordingly.

Depending on what you’ll be dumping into the drop box (demolition with plaster or stucco, for example) and the proposed placement, we may require that the location for the drop box be checked in advance by a foreman from Rogue Disposal & Recycling prior to delivery.

Please note: No concrete, dirt, rock, brick, gravel or sod in 20-yard boxes.

Loose Loads: Materials not included in the above list

Materials Not Accepted

No Materials Containing Asbestos

No Paint

No Liquids

No Hazardous Materials

No Tanks, Barrels or 55-Gallon Drums that have not been properly prepared for disposal

No Large Appliances, Air Conditioners or Water Heaters

No Computer Monitors or TVs

No Automobile or Motorcycle Parts

No Tires

No Fluorescent Tubes or Ballasts

While the above items cannot go in dumpster, there are disposal options. Depending on the item, you may be able to bring it to the Transfer Station for recycling or proper disposal. For items that are too big, bulky or heavy for you to bring to the Transfer Station, our At Your Service Junk Removal program is a great solution. Our dedicated team can come to your business, remove the items, and make sure anything hauled away is responsibly recycled or legally disposed of. Give us a call at 541-779-4161 or submit this form to start the process and get an estimate.

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