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Asbestos Guidelines for DIY Home Remodeling

Photo 1Col Transfer Station Asbestos Diy Remodel

Rules specific to home remodeling jobs, not commercial-scale projects.

Please Note: All construction, demolition and remodeling material coming to the Transfer Station MUST be accompanied with a lab or rest result from a certified asbestos inspector or abatement company stating that the load is asbestos free. This certification is required regardless of the age of the material or the date the material was removed from the property.

Local Asbestos Resources:
Neilson Research | 245 South Grape Street | Medford, Oregon | 541.770.5678

Belfor Environmental | 2067 Cardinal Avenue | Medford, Oregon | 541.665.5201

Global Pacific Environmental | 650 Industrial Circle, White City, Oregon | 541.830.3900

Western States Environmental | 877 Beatty Street, Medford, Oregon | 541.770.2482


Testing Required

  • Carpet, Pergo/laminate and/or wood flooring (only if they were glued down)
  • Vinyl flooring (linoleum)
  • Vinyl sheets

Testing NOT Required

  • Carpet, Pergo/laminate and/or wood flooring (f they were NOT glued down)
  • Ceramic tile and mortar


Testing Required

  • Any insulation that is NOT fiberglass — including pipe, blow-in, HVAC ducting (asbestos paper found on inside and out), spray-applied and vermiculite

Testing NOT Required

  • Fiberglass insulation


Testing NOT Required

  • Windows, toilets, showers and sinks — even if they have caulking/glue on them


Testing Required

  • All sheetrock (drywall) that has ever been taped, textured or painted
  • Ceiling tiles and panels


Testing Required

  • Older tile roofs (concrete tile or transite tile), shake roof with nicolite paper (paper is white, tan or gray in color)
  • The following petroleum-based roofing material: hot mop and asphalt-based

Testing NOT Required

  • The following petroleum-based roofing material: 3-Tab, composition, shake roof with black felt paper, and fiberglass roofing shingles.


Testing NOT Required

  • Wood siding — including composite, even if it has caulking
  • Concrete siding (Hardy

Samples vs. site survey to determine if asbestos is present

  • For removal of one or two items from a specific location (like a bathroom), samples can go to Nielson for testing
  • If remodeling or removing multiple materials from one room, or a single material from multiple rooms, you must have a site survey
  • If a structure has been through a fire, you must have a site survey — because the fire changes the matrix of the material, possibly releasing asbestos fibers

For more information, call 541-779-4161
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