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Celebrating Ollie’s third birthday, Rogue Disposal & Recycling style!

Three cheers for trucks, trash and the boy who loves them.

For some kids, it’s dinosaurs. For others, it’s space ships and rockets. But for Ollie, nothing beats the bright red Rogue Disposal & Recycling truck that comes through his neighborhood each Friday.

Something to look forward to.

In early June, Ollie’s mom, Rachel, reached out to us via Facebook Messenger. Seems she was hoping to buy some Rogue Disposal & Recycling merchandise — specifically a trash truck — as a surprise for Ollie’s upcoming third birthday.

“My son turns three in mid June,” the note explained, “and he loves — like really loves — garbage trucks! Since I was laid off and his daycare closed due to COVID-19, we have been self-quarantined. The absolute highlight of his week comes every Friday morning, for a few short minutes, when we hear the garbage truck coming and run out to watch it. The driver waves to him every time and I am so thankful for that.”

Mom Rachel continued, saying “I would love so much to give him a toy garbage truck for his birthday. But the only ones I have found are green, and of course he loves the red ones.” She explained how anytime they drive somewhere, he keeps an eye out for the big red Rogue Disposal & Recycling trucks, shouting “look, mommy, it’s the garbage truck” whenever they see one.

Happy birthday, Ollie!

While there is no toy Rogue Disposal & Recycling truck, Holly Roberts, Executive Assistant to the CEO, was able to pull off some magic of her own, creating an official Rogue Disposal & Recycling bright red polo shirt — just like the company’s drivers wear.

Due to coronavirus, Holly let Rachel know that on Friday, June 19, the regular route driver, Justin, would be stopping at their house, leaving a birthday gift bag on the curb, and beeping a few times to let them know it was there.

Was Ollie surprised? “The sheer excitement on his sweet little face made my heart burst!” said mom Rachel in her reply. “Thank you for making him shirts! He is so happy!!!”

Is there a job opening for a three-year-old with an amazing attitude?

According to his mom, “Ollie is ready for a job! Once I got him dressed, he asked if he could go drive the truck.” When she explained that he can’t because he doesn’t have a license, he took out the little Rogue Disposal & Recycling roll cart that was in his gift bag and started “picking up trash,” putting rocks and leaves and sticks in it.

“Thanks for loving on our little guy,” she said with a smile. “He is so happy!” She says he also couldn’t wait to run down to the neighbors to show them that he “matched the garbage truck driver!”

With everyone on the lookout for a little more happiness these days, Rachel says she hopes that sharing this story brings joy to some people. One look at Ollie and you’ll see that’s definitely the case!

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