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Dry Creek Landfill Drivers Safety

  • Observe the speed limits on the landfill roads.
  • Safety belts must be worn by all passengers in a moving vehicle.
  • Use of cell phones while operating a vehicle or equipment is not allowed.
  • Pay attention! Always be on the look-out for off-road dump trucks or other heavy equipment on the roads.
  • DO NOT PASS moving vehicles.
  • Remember to use three-point contact when entering or exiting a vehicle.
  • All drivers and 3rd party contractors are required to wear the following protective items when on the active face or working in areas with high traffic patterns:
    1. Hard hat
    2. Face shield, safety goggles or safety glasses
    3. Gloves
    4. High vis shirts or reflective vests
    5. Impenetrable boots (shank) above the ankle
    6. Long pants
  • In addition, all vehicles entering Dry Creek Landfill will be equipped with a functioning CB radio. Dry Creek Landfill uses channel 24.
  • At the active tipping area, ask where to dump. Call equipment operators to find out where to dump your load.
  • Wait your turn, and give the right of way to trucks pulling out.
  • Leave a minimum of 10 feet between vehicles when dumping.
  • Know your blind spots and ask for help if you are unsure of clearance.
  • Always make eye contact with operators before backing or getting out of the vehicle. If you can’t see them, they can’t see you.
  • Never stand under a raised tailgate.
  • Before departing inspect vehicles and remove any debris before leaving tipping area.
  • Be sure tailgates, hoist and doors are closed or down before leaving.
  • Clean out and un-tarp in designated area only.

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