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Rogue Disposal & Recycling offers professional, timely pickup of a variety of container sizes within our service area. Whatever your commercial needs, we have a program to fit.
Rates and Service Information

Rates vary depending on the container size and how often it is emptied (a minimum of once a week). On all permanent containers, there is a container deposit of $56.46 which is refundable once the account is discontinued if the container has been on continual service for over one year. *Rates effective January 1, 2018
Click here to download a credit application.

The first month’s fee and the container deposit are paid in advance prior to delivery or when credit has been extended to your account.

Auto-locking containers are available for an additional fee of $7.06 per month.

Containers cannot be overfilled and need to be accessible for service by 5:00 a.m. on your scheduled collection day.  A “go back charge” may be assessed if the driver is required to go off of the scheduled route to empty a container that was not accessible earlier.

Weekly Pickup Rates
Pickups Per Week1.5 Yards2 Yards3 Yards4 Yards6 Yards
Extra Pickup$46.94$56.80$76.59$96.42$135.92

With a variety of sizes to choose from, front-load containers are ideal for all types of businesses. A container can be scheduled for once a week collection or up to six days per week.

Front Load Container Dimensions
SizeWidthDepthHeight W/SkidsHeight w/WheelsHeight Back
1 1/2 Yard6' 9"2' 11"3' 2"3' 8"N/A
2 Yard6' 9"3' 4"3' 7"4' 1"N/A
3 Yard6' 9"4' 0"4' 6"5' 2"5' 2"
4 Yard6' 9"4' 9"4' 10"5' 8"5' 8"
5 Yard6' 9"6' 0"4' 6"N/A6'
6 Yard6' 9"6' 0"5' 1-1/2"N/A6'
Items to Avoid in the Container

Due to state and federal regulations and weight restrictions, there are several items that cannot be put in your container.

• Hazardous waste or Paint
• Any materials containing asbestos
• Tanks, barrels or 55-gallon drums
• Dirt, sod, rock, concrete and masonry materials
• Large appliances (examples include refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, water heaters, washers, dryers, pressure tanks, etc.)
• Fluorescent tubes or ballasts
• Medical waste
• Liquids
• Motorcycle and automobile bodies
• Automotive batteries and tires — including off-road, motorcycle and four-wheeler tires
Electronic Waste
• Toxic, corrosive reactive materials and flammable materials
Site Requirements

Containers with wheels must sit on a hard, level surface—preferably concrete. If a container sits on skids, the surface can be slightly angled, as long as the truck’s forks fit in the pockets on the container. Any hard surface should be prepared to accommodate a gross vehicle weight rating of 60,000 lbs.

To service our container efficiently, we prefer the straight drive-in approach. Please keep the enclosure opening a minimum of 12 feet wide (inside gate post opening). Containers that are positioned in enclosures at an angle to the driveway entrance must also have a minimum opening of 12 feet.

Most enclosures should include room for a minimum of two containers, one for solid waste and the other for recycling. Enclosures receiving more than one container must place the containers with fronts facing each other with ample room to walk between them. To protect the walls of the enclosure, either at floor level or at the hinged height, you need to install a bumper that will keep the container from damaging the wall.

For enclosures that are elevated at the approach, a small ramp is required if the container needs to be pulled out for service.

Containers that are not accessible by truck will be pulled into place by the route driver. To obtain this service, the container must be on wheels and must not exceed 3 cubic yards. If a container is required to be pulled out more than 30 feet, arrangements must be made with our office and a monthly charge will be assessed for the service.

Please note that restaurants may need an additional container for grease. Please increase enclosure dimensions accordingly.

When selecting a space to house your container, remember to leave ample room for truck clearance. If the space is limited for the container, leave enough room for the truck to back down the driveway entrance. Please note that trucks cannot back into the street. Watch for obstructions at entrances and exits, as well as any obstructions that may be overhead, such as wires and trees. Do not allow walkways or sidewalks to be used for accessing containers. And please make sure there are no parking areas around the container or enclosure.

Truck turning radius:Loading height:
70′ in diameter25′ with container off the ground

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