Residential Medical Waste

If you or someone you care for requires the use of sharps, hypodermic needles, vials, gloves or other items that come in contact with blood, Rogue Disposal & Recycling has a safe and effective method of medical waste disposal.

Rates and Billing Info

*Rates effective January 1, 2018
Residential sharps service from Rogue Disposal & Recycling includes delivery, pickup and disposal, as well as a special bio-hazard container. Containers must be paid for when you pick them up at our office or upon delivery. If you are supplying your own sharps container, the cost for disposal must be paid when we pick up the container.  There is a $5.00 fee for us to pick-up or deliver a container to/from your residence.

Residential Medical Waste Rates
1 gallon container $21.16
2 gallon container $26.41
If you choose to use an approved biohazard container that you have purchased elsewhere, the disposal rates are as follows:
1 gallon container $17.60
2 gallon container $21.63
Pick up fee
Delivery fee

Why Medical Waste?

Due to concern over the transmission of HIV (AIDS) and Hepatitis B, the Oregon Legislature enacted a law in 1990 for the prudent and safe handling of potentially infectious medical waste. As the area’s leading solid waste hauler, we responded to this need for proper collection and disposal of at-home medical waste with a special Residential Medical Waste program.

Information on Sharps

The primary type of at-home medical waste consists of sharps. Hypodermic needles, lancets, IV tubing with needles, glass tubes, and syringes no longer in their original containers are all considered sharps.

Packaging and disposal of sharps

Proper at-home collection

Sharps must be stored, collected, transported and disposed of in leak-proof, rigid, puncture-resistant red plastic containers. These containers must be tightly closed to prevent the loss of contents. This is the only acceptable method of disposal. These containers are available from Rogue Disposal & Recycling as part of our Residential Medical Waste program.  There is a $5.00 delivery fee.

Red containers are conspicuously labeled – either with the word “Bio-hazard,” or with the international symbol for bio-hazard, to meet all applicable medical waste regulations.

Proper disposal

Uncontained sharps should never enter the solid waste stream. This means that a used needle or other bio-hazardous material should never be placed with ordinary trash.

Once your sharps container is full, prepare it for pickup by securely closing and taping the top opening. Do not place the filled container in your regular trash can or beside the can. Also, do not overfill the container—everything must fit safely inside, with nothing protruding. Medical waste is handled only by our trained personnel.

Scheduled pickup available to customers in our service area:

When your current sharps container is full, please contact our office at 541-779-4161 to schedule a medical waste pickup. There is a $5.00 collection fee.  Customer service representatives are available to take your calls Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Customers out of our service area can bring their medical waste to our Customer Service Office located at One West Main Street, Suite 401 in Medford. Open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Or at 8001 Table Rock Road, White City Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Please note, medical waste is picked up on Tuesdays only, and you must schedule your pickup at least one full business day in advance.

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