Yard Debris Recycling Services

What do you have when you add deadheaded flowers, grass clippings and a yard full of twigs? A yard debris cart that’s ready for pickup.

Rogue Disposal & Recycling offers yard debris service in neighborhoods throughout the area as well as commingle recycling services.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could toss all of your yard debris recycling into one easy to use roll-cart? Now you can. The following information will help get you started.

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Service Basics

Rogue Disposal & Recycling requires a service commitment of one calendar year. This one-year commitment is waived if you move outside our service area. The cost is just $7.42 per month and is added to your regular garbage bill. Once you commit to yard debris recycling, you will receive a special 95-gallon roll-cart with a green lid that is emptied every two weeks. * Rates effective January 1, 2018

Additional service

Already have a yard debris cart, but you occasionally generate more material than the cart can handle? We also offer customers a second yard debris cart, with a special bright green lid, for a monthly rental fee. Just place the additional cart at your curb when it’s full, and we empty for a fee each time. Rental charge is $1.55 per month and $4.27 each pickup. There is a service commitment of one calendar year required. The bright green lid alerts the driver to this program.

Yard debris can also be dropped off, currently at no charge, at our Transfer Station located at 8001 Table Rock Road, White City.
*Service may not be available in all areas.

• Grass clippings
• Leaves
• Wild Vegetation
• Plant prunings
• Brush & woody material up to 4″ in diameter and 48″ long
• NO Bark
• NO Dirt
• NO Sod
• NO Rocks
• NO Yard debris in plastic bags
• NO trash of ANY kind
• NO Processed wood
• NO plastic nursery pots
Just like your existing garbage cart, material inside the yard debris cart CANNOT stick out. Contents must be level and lid must be closed.

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