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Big changes are coming to recycling starting March 5!

Here’s how you can recycle right

At Rogue Disposal & Recycling, we’re dedicated to recycling. Global markets for many of the things we used to accept for recycling are gone, so we are refocusing our program on materials we know CAN be recycled—materials with sustainable markets, both today and into the future.  Here’s how you can help…

YES, these CAN go in your container

Corrugated Cardboard
(the kind with the wavy center)
Milk Jug Style Containers
(clear or white, rinsed out, no lids)
Newspaper and Newspaper Inserts
(no magazines)
Tin and Aluminum Cans
(rinsed out, no lids)

NO! If it’s not a YES, it CAN’T go.

Your office or business can help the environment every day!

Let Rogue Disposal & Recycling assist you in choosing the recycle options that will work best for the volume you generate.

Commingled Recycling Container Rates

*Rates effective January 1, 2018
Weekly Pickup Rates
Pickups Per Week1.5 Yards2 Yards3 Yards4 Yards6 Yards
Extra Pickup$14.08$17.04$22.98$28.93$40.78

Commingle container size is 1½  by 6 cubic yards emptied weekly.

Does your business generate a large volume of corrugated cardboard weekly?
If so, we can help you decide which recycle options will work best for you.

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