Commercial Recycling Services

Your office or business can help the environment every day!

Let Rogue Disposal & Recycling assist you in choosing the recycle options that will work best for the volume you generate.

Commingled Recycling Container Rates

*Rates effective January 1, 2017
Weekly Pickup Rates
Pickups Per Week1.5 Yards2 Yards3 Yards4 Yards6 Yards
Extra Pickup$13.82$16.72$22.55$28.39$40.02

Commingle container size is 1½  by 6 cubic yards emptied weekly.

Items that CAN go into the container
• Corrugated Cardboard**
• Aluminum Cans
• Catalogs
• Plastic Bottles-neck smaller than the base
• Plastic Tubs, Containers (like margarine, sour cream, etc. No lids)
• Magazines
• Milk Jugs
• Glass Bottles & Jars
(no lids)
• Newspapers
• Phone Books
• Tin Cans
• Scrap Paper – some examples:
- Office Paper
- Junk Mail
- Computer Paper
- Envelopes (with or without windows)
- Construction Paper
- Cardboard Beverage Carriers & Cases
- Wrapping Paper (no foil or plastic)
- File Folders
- Cereal & Cracker Boxes (remove plastic liners)
- Paper Egg Cartons
- Pizza Boxes (no food)
- Paper Bags
- Tubes from: Wrapping paper, paper towels
- Shoe Boxes
• NO Bottle Caps
• NO Medical Waste, sharps
• NO foil or plastic coated paper
• NO Paper Ream Wrappers
• NO Pet Food Bags
• NO Photographs
• NO Plastic Wrap or Bags
• NO Food-contaminated paper
• NO Paper cups or plates
• NO Waxed paper milk or drink cartons
• NO Juice cartons or Pouches
• NO Ribbon
• NO Frozen Food Boxes
• NO Snack Food bags
• NO Yard Debris
• NO Stickers
• NO Shredded Paper
• NO Candy Wrappers
• NO Tissue Paper
• NO Bubble-wrap or Styrofoam
• NO plastic nursery pots
• NO Motor Oil

Does your business generate a large volume of corrugated cardboard weekly?

If so, we can help you decide which recycle options will work best for you.

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