Commingle Recycling Services

Now you can help our environment even more!

When you recycle instead of throw away, you are keeping waste out of the landfill and reusing products. You are helping make the world a better place.

In its commitment to improving the environment, Rogue Disposal & Recycling offers a full range of recycling services* for residential solid waste customers in our service area. This includes commingled recycling (every other week) motor oil recycling on the same day as your commingled recycling. Not sure what week your recycle is collected? Click here to get your recycle schedule.

*Please note that some services are not available in outlying areas.

Commingled Recycling – One cart, lots of recyclables!

For households with commingled recycling service, you can toss all of your approved recyclables into one easy-to-use red lid roll cart. No sorting. No bagging. No bundling, baling or tying!

*Motor Oil

Motor oil should be placed on the curb in one-gallon plastic containers, with secure fitting screw top lid, beside the commingled red lid container. Motor oil is now collected on the same day as your commingled recycling.

**Corrugated Cardboard

Please bundle excess cardboard, with sturdy string or twine, & place on top of the red-lid cart.  Bundles cannot exceed 3ft by 3ft by 1ft – so they can fit in the hopper on the truck.  We will accept two bundles per pick-up.

Rogue Disposal Commingle Recycling Brochure


FAQ: Recycle Right

Why no lids or bottle caps?

Bottle caps and lids are too small or flat to make it through the mechanical sorting process, and end up as trash.

Why no plastic bags or wrappers?

Soft and flexible, they get tangled in the recycling equipment and shut the sort line down. The dangerous task of cutting this material off the line wastes valuable time and resources. It is important to keep this material out of your recycling cart. Plastic bags and wrappers can be recycled at participating grocers.
To find a store near you, go to

Why can’t I recycle Styrofoam?

Polystyrene is 99% air. To get this material to a processor, all the air would need to be removed. It is very expensive to collect and compact the volume needed to ship to a processor.

What about plastic deli and produce containers (clamshells)?

No, they are often brittle and break into small pieces during collection, baling and transportation. These small pieces cannot be captured for recycling.

Can I recycle flex packaging?

This packaging is not currently recyclable, but does have many good environmental and food safety benefits:

  • Designed to keep bacteria out and its contents fresher longer, for less food waste.
  • Light weight and flat when empty, it only takes ONE truck to get flex packaging to the manufacturers to be filled with their products, instead of 26 trucks of traditional bottles or cans, greatly reducing the overall environmental impact of this packaging.

Why no frozen food boxes or cartons?

Treated with a chemical wax-like coating, frozen food boxes do not break down during the paper recycling process and often contaminate other materials. As a rule – any paper product or packaging designed to resist moisture should not go in your recycle cart.

Can I recycle biodegradable or compostable plastics?

No, these types of plastics are often called “bioplastics.” It presents a problem in the recycling industry as it often looks like regular plastic, making it difficult for consumers to tell the difference. Bioplastics are designed to break down and degrade. If mixed with regular plastics it will create defective recycled products.

What about glass?

Managing glass for recycling has become increasingly difficult and costly. Glass in the commingle is considered a contaminant by most recycling processors. While we currently accept it in your red lid cart, there are better options: you can take glass bottles and jars to our recycling depot at 8001 Table Rock Road. Also, most glass beverage containers can be returned for deposit under the Oregon Bottle Bill at the Medford Bottle Drop center. To see what is accepted go to

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