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Safely Disposing of Fire Debris

We are at a loss for words at the devastation and great damage suffered by many families and business owners in our community. We are inspired by the relentless spirit and drive of this community to move forward through such difficult times to rebuild and restore. Cleaning up after a wildfire is an emotional evolution, but also involves immediate and long-term physical health risks.

To help you navigate all of the requirements and local/state regulations, we have created a detailed wildfire debris disposal resources page with key information in one convenient place. The page contains helpful links to our forms and step-by-step instructions on the transportation and disposal of wildfire debris, as well as helpful community links. This page will be updated with new information as it becomes available. Our hope is that this comprehensive resource page will ease the burden when it’s time to dispose of any fire-related debris. We look forward to helping our local communities come back stronger than ever.

For this detailed resource page, click here.

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