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Tips for minimizing holiday waste.

‘Tis the season for wrapping presents, trimming trees and lighting lights. Unfortunately, sometimes that holiday cheer ends up creating holiday waste.

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Are you recycling or wishcycling?

Everyone knows what recycling is. But what about “wishcycling?” Wishcycling is the act of putting something in your recycling cart without knowing for sure if it’s actually recyclable.

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Master Recycler program empowers waste prevention ambassadors

Are you passionate about preventing waste, increasing recycling, conserving natural resources and making a difference right here in our area? If so, you should consider becoming a Jackson County Master Recycler. Our volunteer team of waste prevention ambassadors work within their communities to cultivate public awareness and support a variety of projects and programs related to recycling. As a master recycler, you will share your knowledge and motivate others to make resource conservation a way of life.

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Exposing the plastic industry’s big lie about recycling

NPR investigative report explores where the triangular, numbered symbol (commonly assumed to be a “recycling” symbol) on plastic packaging and products came from — and what it really means

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Here’s how you can recycle three hard-to-recycle items

Did you know there are local recycling outlets for three common household items that can’t be mixed with other recyclables in our curbside recycling program?

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Oregon's new Recycling Modernization Act updates and overhauls Oregon’s recycling system

For years, manufacturers and producers have known that much of the packaging they market to consumers is not readily recyclable. With the recently passed Senate Bill 582, the Oregon Legislature has committed to changing that.

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Understanding which plastic types can be recycled

If something made of plastic has the chasing arrows symbol on it, it can be recycled, right? Not so.

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Understanding Greenwashing: What it is and how to spot it

Have you ever seen a product in the store that says it’s recyclable but you can’t believe it is? Odds are it’s not.

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Have petrochemical companies used recycling to make more plastic?

Have petrochemical companies used recycling to make more plastic? Learn the decades-old dirty secret on the PBS Frontline special report: Plastic Wars.

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Watch The Story of Plastic on The Discovery Channel

From city streets to the arctic ice sheets, plastic pollution has reached every corner of the globe.

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