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Remembering the importance of recycling for Earth Day

Over the past several years, the list of common household items accepted for recycling has gone through many changes — including what can be tossed into your red-lid recycling cart. The great news, though, is that thanks to you, our curbside recycling program is working! Keeping the recycling stream clean is the key to being able to provide community-wide sustainable recycling opportunities. Thanks to your efforts at the curb, we’ve been able to find markets for the materials we collect. That’s a huge accomplishment — and one we couldn’t have reached without your diligence, dedication and patience

As we celebrate Earth Day on April 22 what better time to provide a quick reminder about all the things you can recycle right at the curb.

Corrugated Cardboard — This is the kind of cardboard packing boxes are often made from. If it’s got a wavy middle layer, it’s corrugated cardboard.

Tin and Aluminum Cans — Tin cans from canned vegetables, soup and other grocery store items can be recycled again and again. The same goes for aluminum cans. Just make sure they’re rinsed out (food can be a big contamination problem with recycling) and throw away the lids.

#1 and #2 Plastic Bottles and Jugs — Recyclable items in this category include milk jugs, detergent bottles and plastic pop bottles. The rule of thumb for plastic bottles and jugs with a #1 and #2 is simple: Keep it clean, check the neck, check the number.

  • Keep it clean: Rinse out the container and throw away the lid.
  • Check the neck: Make sure the neck of the bottle or jug is smaller than the body of the container.
  • Check the number: Look for the chasing arrows symbol and make sure it’s a #1 or a #2. If it’s anything else, it belongs in the trash.

Mixed Waste Paper — Mixed waste paper covers a lot of common household items made from paper fiber. This includes everything from paper egg cartons, envelopes and shoe boxes, to file folders, magazines, junk mail and paper towel tubes, to name a few. Cereal boxes too, minus the plastic liners (those go in the trash).

Thanks for doing your part!

Recycling not only helps cut down on waste, but it also conserves natural resources, saves energy, reduces demand for raw materials, and protects ecosystems and wildlife. Making sure to only put accepted materials in your recycling cart greatly reduces the chance for contamination — meaning more materials get recycled. By doing our best to recycle right, we can help make everyday Earth Day!

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